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Aadhar Card Form

The national identity card of a country is an important document and no one can live without such a card. In India, Aadhar Card is issued to Indian residents without any fees. If you are living inside India for 182 days or more, you may be eligible for aadhar card.
According to an estimate, around 90 % of people have aadhar card, while the remaining 10 % are still living without it. So, the Government of India is always looking to enroll in these 10 % population. The purpose is to keep each & every person registered with the Government to stop crimes at all levels.

Often people feel uncomfortable when it comes to the enrollment process. The main reasons are lack of knowledge, education & benefits attached. So, it is the duty of the Government to raise awareness among people for the potential benefits, an aadhar card can bring. It is the dire need to educate people about the importance of this card and how these people can take advantage of several Government subsidies through the aadhar card.

Aadhar is a 12 digit unique number. So, you will not find the same number allotted to some other person. Because it is a unique number, it is a unique identity proof and address identifier as well. It is the single most important Know Your Customer (KYC) document which is a trust worth document for financial institutions & banks. Without this card, you cannot believe to live and survive. At every stage of your life, you are dependent on this card as you will need this from school life to married life. So, if you have not applied for aadhar card yet, it is the right time to get one and avail amazing Government discounts or subsidies.

The aadhar card enrollment centre process is very simple. Being an applicant, you have to fill out the Aadhar Card Form. This is available free of cost at every aadhar card centre. Alternatively, you can download Aadhar Card Form from the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) website or portal.

For your better understanding, we are segmenting form's detail into its contents as follows:

1. Pre-Enrollment ID - It is the ID which is issued to Indian resident when all his demographic & biometric details are entered into the UIDAI system. Till the time of obtaining Aadhar number, you can use this number to track your application.
2. Full Name - Here you have to write your full name, make sure you use block capital letters here for avoiding future problems.
3. Gender - Either male or female
4. Age - Your actual age at the time of applying for aadhar card. Make sure you count your age correctly.
5. Address - Your residential address
6. Details of Mother/ Father - This is for kids below the age of 5 years.
7. Details of submitted documents - Such as Voter Card, Passport, Driving license, etc.
8. Introducer details
9. Applicant Thumb/ Signature
10. Enrollment Date & Time – You should expect your card to be delivered to you within 60 days from this date.