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Aadhar Free Download

Every country in the world offers various welfare facilities to the residents. In India, these are only available to those residents that have registered with UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) and obtained aadhar card. Any Indian resident can visit the aadhar enrollment centre to apply for an aadhar.
There are so many welfare facilities from the Government of India that aadhar users can enjoy. This aadhar document is the best document for identity and address proof. There is no need for any document in the presence of this card. UIDAI issues 12 digits unique number which is a single proof of identity across India.

If you have received news about your successful aadhar making, then you can easily get a hard copy of the same via several methods. It is your choice to use the method which best suits you. There is no hard and fast rule from UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) to follow a specific procedures in order to get aadhar free download.

Aadhar Free Download Methods

1. Aadhar Number - This is the most easy method to download eaadhar card. You have to visit the UIDAI web portal. There, you will find a link with anchor text Download Aadhar. Click this link. Now on the page that comes up, click the option Aadhar from the section I Have. Just enter your 12 digit aadhar number. If you do not want to show full number, select Masked Aadhar.

You have to enter the Captcha code and click the button Send OTP. You should get an SMS message on your registered mobile phone number. Read the message and enter this OTP on the computer screen. You have to give comments about the overall experience, do so and click Verify & Download button.  Aadhar file will be downloaded on your computer, open it and take out a print.

2. Virtual ID - This is the latest addition by UIDAI for e-aadhar download. There, you will find a link with anchor text Download Aadhar. Click this link. Now on the page that comes up, click the option VID from the section I Have. Just enter your VID (Virtual ID). Apart from this, you have to enter the full name, pin code, and Captcha code. Now click the Send OTP button. If you have set up TOTP, you can enter this number here and authenticate your credentials. E-Aadhar will be downloaded to your system, you can take out a print to satisfy your needs.

3. Sometimes, it happens that you have lost your aadhar card and you do not remember it, or you have recently received a confirmation message from UIDAI that your aadhar request is successful. Then, you can still enjoy aadhar free download via Enrollment ID (EID).

Just visit the UIDAI website as advised in the above methods and click Enrollment ID (EID) option which you will find between Aadhar Number & VID option. Now enter your enrollment ID number and date time stamp. Both these numbers are of 14 digits long individually. So, in total, you have to enter 28 numbers. The rest of the process is similar to the methods we discussed above.